How to Choose an Essential Oil Diffuser

- Aug 01, 2017-

How to Choose an Essential Oil Diffuser

Shopping for a diffuser may sound like a fairly easy task however there are a few different elements that you will want to be sure you take into consideration!

1) Wording: Please make sure that you are looking at a diffuser and not a humidifier. While there are some humidifiers that are designed for essential oil use,  they are rare so please be cautious when purchasing. 

Aromatherapy humidificatior

2) Timing: Diffusers vary a lot when it comes to how long they run for. It is common for diffusers to run for at least 4 hours on a continuous basis. That being said, there are also diffusers that allow you to set the several minutes of ‘on time’ and the number of minutes of  ‘off time’ which allows the on/off time to run (in most cases) on a cycle. Different diffusers last for different lengths of time, so think about how long you would ideally like your diffuser to run for before purchasing. I would like to note that there is no perfect length of run time that you should strive for, I have 4 different diffusers all of which have settings to run for different amounts of time and I use each for different reasons.

Aromatherapy humidificatior

3) Water: If you plan to make a lot of diffuser blends, you will want a diffuser that uses water Generally speaking, the more water a diffuser can hold, the longer it will run for.

4) Lighting: Some diffusers will have a built-in LED light. Lights can help add an element of relaxation, assuming you like the look of it of course. Some will also allow you adjust the level of light which helps you customize the look to what works for you.

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