How to buy an aromatherapy machine

- Mar 13, 2020-

How to buy an aromatherapy machine

   The popular capacities on the market are: 100ml, 200ml and 300ml. Generally speaking, the larger the capacity, the better the humidifying effect.

  In the case of little difference in power, the amount of fog is controlled by the button. Of course, you can't just pursue the amount of fog, you must choose according to the humidification function you need.

Ceramic humidifier

  For example, if the use environment is relatively dry and the skin is dry, you can choose a style with a larger capacity as appropriate. However, if the sense of smell is more sensitive, it is not recommended to choose a large-capacity style.

  Under normal circumstances, the maximum time that 100ml can run is 3 hours, 200 ml for 5 hours, and 300 ml for 8 hours. The 100ml specification is suitable for use in the office, and the 300ml capacity is more suitable for use in the bedroom.

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