How much do you know about diffuser, aroma diffuser and perfumer?

- Dec 24, 2019-

How much do you know about diffuser, aroma diffuser and perfumer?

      The diffuser industry is also called aroma diffuser, fragrance machine, fragrance instrument, fragrance system, perfumer, diffuser, essential oil diffuser, etc. Its place of use is mainly hotels, office buildings, sales centers, KTVs, bars, cinemas and other high-end clubs. The diffuser diffuses the essential oils into ultra-fine smoke-like scent particles and diffuses them out, making the entire space exude Comfortable fragrance.

       What is the working principle of the diffuser? After the diffuser is started, the air pressure is generated, and then the air stream is sent to the atomizer, which forms a strong pressure so that the essential oil in the essential oil storage tank collides into small atomized particles. These particles diffuse out to form the fragrance in the air The smell of the essential oil is diffused to various areas through the central air-conditioning fresh air duct or with the flow of air.


        What is the origin of the diffuser? It is said that as early as the medieval French royal family, people began to use perfume in the air to create a fragrant atmosphere and environment. However, the modern diffuser was born at the end of the last century. At first, a lady in a five-star hotel in Los Angeles used perfume in the hotel and accidentally poured the perfume on the floor.

        When I checked out, I was stumped by the hygienist. He couldn't handle the smell. He told his supervisor that the supervisor was attracted to the perfume as soon as he entered the room. He said please stop your cleaning, I need you to tell me what the smell of this perfume is? In this way, the hotel began to experiment with space perfumes, and the customer response was very good, so the space diffuser was launched. It was later spread from the United States to Europe and around the world.

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