How does an essential oil diffuser work(1)

- Jun 01, 2018-

How does an essential oil diffuser work(1)

Essential oil diffusers have been used for centuries in aromatherapy. While all diffusers use almost the same mechanics in diffusing the oils, the nitty gritty lies in the type of diffuser you are using.

For this article, I am going to discuss the four main types of diffusers so you can better understand them and how each one works.

Types of Essential Oil Diffusers

There exist four types of essential oil diffusers: nebulizing, ultrasonic, heat, and evaporative. I’ve tried all four, but I can safely say that the first two are by far the more superior types — even for low-grade devices.

In almost every instance, going for a nebulizing or ultrasonic device should be the preferred option, as otherwise you’re taking too much of a risk. One exception to this rule would be if the device is to occupy a very tight space. Many people have found heat diffusers to provide invaluable additions to cars, laundry rooms, or bathrooms.

In these instances, heat diffusers provide a more effective and efficient alternative to run of the mill air fresheners.

Nebulizing Diffusers

This one disperses the essential oils into the air in the form of droplets. The essential oil leaves the diffuser as a fine mist.

Hailed as the strongest type of essential oil diffuser, nebulizing diffusers use inbuilt atomizers to disperse their delivery system. These diffusers run without water and do not use heat to work their magic.

Nebulizing diffusers also pump out essential oils at a more constant rate than other diffuser types — perfect for those who want frequent aroma bursts.

The downside to these diffusers is their price tag. They are noticeably more expensive than ultrasonic varieties, in more ways than just the upfront cost.

Nebulizing diffusers also use up oils at a much faster rate — making you purchase oils more frequently. They are also substantially louder than ultrasonic diffusers, and even though they come without lighting, this can pose an issue for night time use.

The best thing about this type of diffuser is that it does not alter the chemical composition of the oils. It also does not use any water or heat.

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