Hotel room aromatherapy - travel is more perfect

- Mar 20, 2019-

                Hotel room aromatherapy - travel is more perfect

Today, the service industry is constantly evolving. Each hotel is committed to giving each customer a better experience and experience, so that customers can feel the home-like experience. Hotel room aromatherapy enters our field of vision. The agile piano sounds, the soft lights are scattered, and the fragrance surrounds our sense of smell. If the hotel lobby that pushes the door can touch our senses so carefully, who will say to such a hotel? No? Hotel aromatherapy is the aromatherapy atmosphere, function, role in the hotel lobby, elevators, corridors, rooms, restaurants, conference rooms and other space areas, in the air conditioning or fresh air system outlets to access the power supply, to achieve aromatherapy various functions and time control The all-round engineering project is called aromatherapy.

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The aromatherapy of the hotel room is actually the application of aromatherapy in the hotel, focusing on the sensory experience of aromatherapy rather than fragrance. The sensory experience of the scent is the basic function of the hotel's aromatherapy. The hotel adds aroma to improve the smell of the hotel, most of which is achieved by ventilation, odor masking and other methods. Hotel aromatherapy has become the mainstream configuration. The purpose of the aromatherapy is to let the guests not only enjoy the comfort of the hotel itself, but also enjoy the aromatherapy experience of the beauty and aromatherapy spa. Aromatherapy can be customized. The female floor is recommended for rose scented and lavender aromatherapy. The average room is unoccupied or inhabited for a long time, which may cause poor air quality, customer's emotional stress, fatigue, difficulty in concentration, etc., so use some aromatherapy that refreshes and relieves emotions, which can alleviate us. Tired.

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The introduction of aromatherapy in the hotel room is an inevitable result of the aromatherapy entering the hotel. For the hotel, the use of pleasant aroma touches the customer's olfactory nerves, and this kind of sneak into the way to promote positive emotional and behavioral responses of customers is undoubtedly a clever marketing tool. Aromatherapy has a certain value because of its specific efficacy, aroma culture, price and other factors. Therefore, hotel aroma has its specific value. Applying aromatherapy to hotel rooms is bound to bring certain commercial value.

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