Hotel aromatherapy has become a business card for star hotels

- May 14, 2018-

Hotel aromatherapy has become a business card for star hotels

The hotel's aromatherapy has become increasingly popular in major star hotels. When customers enter the hotel lobby, a fresh and elegant fragrance will come. Today, the hotel's aromatherapy has become another name card for the StarWorld hotels. It also sets the brand of the hotel while enhancing the customer experience.

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The concept of introducing space fragrance in the hotel originated from the hotel in Las Vegas. More than 10 years ago, Las Vegas hotel tycoon Steve Wayne introduced a signature aroma at its Mirage Hotel, which was diverted through the hotel's central air-conditioning fragrance system into the hotel lobby. This unique experience At that time, it attracted many tourists from far away. A few years ago, large hotel groups such as Marriott, Starwood, and Shangri-La began to scent their hotel brands. Through the central air-conditioning fragrance system, the taste is conveyed to the lobby, corridors and other places. These star-rated hotels have found that the use of aromatherapy can greatly enhance the hotel's comfort.

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According to research data, scent, like memory and emotion, all originate from the same part of the brain to process feelings. Therefore, scent can directly affect people's emotions, and the human brain produces sensational memory, which is in the mind of consumers. Establishes links between fragrances and brands.

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