History of Humidifiers

- Nov 19, 2019-

History of Humidifiers

In 1990, Beijing Yadu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. launched China's first humidifier to enter the market as a created demand. However, due to the shortage of Chinese social materials, the concept of air health is weak. Few Chinese people buy humidifiers. Most of the buyers are foreigners of embassies.

After nearly 30 years of development and popularization, the humidifier has changed from an unattended home appliance to an "office necessities." In recent years, with the subdivision of the application scene, the humidifier has also changed greatly in appearance and function. Early humidifiers were usually bulky and clumsy in appearance, focusing on their functionality, and the use of space was at home. When the application scene of the humidifier is moved from the home to the office, the car, etc., the volume of the humidifier is also reduced, and the appearance is more varied, mainly based on the cute shape that women love.

History humidifier

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