Fragrance Marketing

- Mar 24, 2020-

Fragrance Marketing

        Fragrance marketing means that businesses create a unique fragrance indoors to attract customers and create a pleasant and unforgettable consumption experience for them, so as to improve customer loyalty, corporate economic income, and brand image. A unique scent is integrated into the brand, and establishes another recognition in addition to hearing and vision-olfactory recognition. Through the sense of smell, it can make people feel comfortable, or make people excited and cheerful, forming special appeal, recognition and memory. In this way, it creates a kind of memory in a subtle way, so that customers no matter where they go, when they smell a similar scent, they will remember the happy experience. Combine it with sight and hearing to quickly improve the service level. This is a win-win marketing model, a direct and effective brand marketing strategy.


        Fragrance marketing is divided into item fragrance marketing and environmental fragrance marketing. Article fragrance marketing is more common in marketing methods such as clothing stores that perfume products to attract customers. The environmental fragrance marketing is to add unique fragrance to the air of the space environment, so that everyone in it can feel happy, this marketing method is more common in entertainment and leisure service places, such as hotels, clubs, high-end restaurants, bank lobby , High-end shopping malls, airport lounges, etc.

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