Experts advise using a humidifier, you should note the following points:

- Sep 13, 2016-

1, arthritis, diabetic patients using an air humidifier. Moist air can aggravate arthritis, diabetes, an illness, it is generally not recommended that patients use. If the category needs to use a humidifier to reduce the incidence of respiratory complications should consult with specialist communication and determine the appropriate humidity to stabilize the disease condition.

2, according to the specifications of the guidelines, regular cleaning of the humidifier. If the humidifier is not health, germs can float in the air with water vapor, and can cause harm to human health.

3, can not directly add tap water to the humidifier. Because tap water contains many minerals that can damage the humidifier evaporator, the scale will also affect its service life. Chlorine in tap water atoms and microbial pollution may vary depending on water mist into the air. If the water hardness is high, humidifier mist spray because it contains calcium and magnesium ions in, will have a white powder, and indoor air pollution.

4, according to weather conditions, indoor and outdoor temperature adjust humidifier humidity. It is understood that many patients are only now starting to buy time to adjust the humidity of the air humidifier, use seldom go after adjustment. This causes the humidifier role greatly reduced, once the weather rain, indoor and outdoor humidity rises, humidifier does not reduce humidity low, creates an increased humidity, which makes people feel sticky sound of discomfort, is not conducive to human health for a long time; if it gets too dry, and do not move humidifier humidity is still high, it weakens the effect of humidifier.

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