Essential Oil

- Mar 24, 2020-

Essential  Oil 

        Most of the time humans is spent indoors, bars, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets and other public places, public places, offices tend to conserve energy by increasing the tightness of the building, resulting in a lack of fresh air indoors, indoor air a serious shortage, poor air quality, odor serious bacterial growth. Air damage to human health caused by the odor, bacteria, etc., people reduce comfort, the use of essential oils to create a natural air purification effect of aromatherapy environment, the natural plant oil contains large amounts of oxygen decomposition at an optimum temperature become negative oxygen ions, so as to achieve sterilization, disinfection, odor, decomposition of secondhand smoke and other effects, the use of aromatic essential oils, creating a fresh atmosphere and elegant environment, giving an unforgettable memory from the smell, enhance brand image.


To taste oil purifier type characteristics:
1, essential oils do not burn, there is no risk of fire.
2, essential oils gasification without landing, enjoy essential oils nano molecules.
3, deodorant antibacterial formula, away from the source to reduce the bacteria produce smelly.
4, to improve environmental health, eliminate odors, decomposition of secondhand smoke and clean air.
5, repel mosquitoes aromatherapy recipes, denial mosquito invasion.
6, can be refreshing, enhance memory, relieve stress, a pleasant mood
7, imported perfumes, natural essential oils.

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