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- Jul 06, 2017-

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Structure:Desktop

  • Usage:Home

  • Air Volume:51-150m3/h

  • Type:Air Ionizer

  • Certification:CE, ISO, RoHS

  • Application Area:41-60m2

  • Power Source:AC Source

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Product Description

Versatile Functions: It acts as humidifier, air purifier, atomizer, and aromatherapy diffuser.
Humidifier: Constantly replenishing moisture in the air and adjusting humidity to keep air fresh
User-friendly control panel
Aromatherapy: Enjoy and relax with 2-3 drops of water-soluble essential oil mixed into the water
Area covered: 25-50 square meters, best to place on office desks, in air-conditioned rooms, living rooms, bedrooms…etc.

SILENT OPERATION: Latest ultrasonic technology makes this humidifier works quietly, sleep and relax without interfering. Perfectly use it in the nursery, office, spa, yoga studio, or in any room of your home.

FUNCTIONS: Smooth mist can soften and moisten dry and chapped skin. Helps you breathe better when your in air conditioner room, deodorize air of tobacco, pet odors, and more. Lift your mood and relieve stress

essential oil diffuser large room

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