Difference between aromatherapy machine and humidifier

- Mar 23, 2020-

Difference between aromatherapy machine and humidifier

Nowadays, indoor waste bacteria increase and humidity decreases, and more and more home appliances that improve the indoor environment become popular. Humidifiers and aromatherapy machines are one of the two, but the two are often confused. The functions of the essential oil aromatherapy machine are more abundant, and the effects of various essential oils are also different. The essential oil aromatherapy machine has less power and saves electricity costs. Compared with the humidifier, the aroma diffuser has a larger applicable area under the same capacity. The essential oil aromatherapy machine is smaller and more convenient to carry.

Imported beech material, clear texture, uniform structure, with noble temperament. Natural and simple hand-made, fine detail design, exquisite and elegant. Humidified air emits natural fragrance and improves the quality of life. The soft light is also a night light, which is used as a room decoration.

aromatherapy nebulizer

The streamlined wood grain design is more elegant and fashionable. The double-layered cover design prevents water leakage and the three-legged support is more secure and stable. It also adopts intelligent power-off, and automatically cuts off the power when there is no water, which is more safe and reliable. The quiet light and soft light create a warm environment. And there are three modes of continuous spray, interval spray, light mode, convenient and comfortable.

Simple and low profile design, more elegant and chic, petty bourgeoisie, stylish and classic taste. Using ultrasonic waves to atomize each essential oil molecule, the fragrance is pleasant. Power off without water, prevent damage to the machine by dry burning, and sleep at ease. Convenient to save space, it is very convenient to place in the office, bedroom, and living room.

Multi-function button design makes it more convenient to use. The water tank uses ultraviolet light antibacterial technology to clean the water tank more effectively. With breathing gradient atmosphere light, adjust the indoor environment. With two modes of continuous spray and intermittent spray, two modes to meet different fragrance needs.

Simple shape, small size, can be placed at will without taking up space. Dedicated chip high-frequency electronic vibration, effectively remove formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, to achieve the role of sterilization, deodorizing and purifying the air. Made of corrosion-resistant materials and easier to clean. It not only regulates the indoor air quality, but also moisturizes and hydrates the skin.Aroma Diffuser

Using ultrasonic atomization technology, moisture and essential oils are more uniformly diffused, air humidity and the concentration of essential oils are controlled in a more adaptive range, and more comfortable and healthy. The LED light source is adopted, which is environmentally friendly and saves light. Three-stage spray adjustment is more convenient and natural.

The spring season is windy and dry, which is suitable for adjusting the air in the home. Install an aromatherapy machine, which not only regulates the air, but also improves the quality of the skin. It will give you comfortable maintenance when sleeping. How many grades are hot on the atmosphere! Do you also want to own an aromatherapy machine?

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