Daily Use of Essential Oils

- Dec 23, 2019-

Daily Use of Essential Oils

      Girls usually buy essential oils for skin care, but the effects of essential oils are more than that. In addition to skin care, different plant-derived essential oils have different effects, such as preventing colds, alleviating fatigue, promoting sleep, and can also be used as air fresheners. Here's how to use daily essential oils.

     Make smart use of the "scent" function of essential oils!

     Fragrant essential oils have various aromas such as lavender, lime, and rose. Extracted from the roots, leaves, etc. of the plant, the volatile aromatic substances are extracted, so it has a unique fragrance and efficacy.


      For example, when you smell the scent of lavender, you will feel a sense of relaxation. This is because the molecules of aromatic compounds enter from the nasal cavity and the mouth, causing both physical and mental effects, which can heal anxiety and relieve fatigue.

1. Spray on the mask to prevent colds!

    Peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, and lime essential oils all have good antibacterial and disinfection effects. Mix them and spray them on a mask to prevent colds and enjoy a fresh taste.

    Now is the season when pollen is raging, friends who wear masks every day may wish to try it!

2. Add grapefruit essential oil to bath water to enhance metabolism!

     Grapefruit essential oil restores metabolism and thus relieves fatigue. In addition, because it can promote blood circulation and keep the body warm, it is recommended for girls who are prone to cold limbs. It is recommended to put it in the foot bath and stick to it every night.

    If you have a bathtub in your home, you can drip a few drops of grapefruit essential oil while bathing, not only speeding up blood circulation, but also making your body fragrant!


3. Spray on the pillow for better sleeping effect!

     For the skin, getting enough sleep is happier than anything. Spraying essential oils such as lavender, lemon, and chamomile on pillows can relax nervous nerves and quickly fall asleep.

4. Healthy and harmless air freshener

     It is recommended that girls can use their favorite essential oil mixed with pure water to make a spray, and use it as an air freshener in the room, which is more natural than the products on the market! Can also be sprayed in the closet, so that the clothes also have a natural fragrance!

    Do you remember the alternative use of essential oils? But here the editor wants to highlight: Please use 100% natural essential oils!

    Pure natural essential oils not only have a natural and fresh taste, but also have significant antibacterial properties. Although chemically synthesized essential oils are cheap, there are still concerns about how safe and secure they are.

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