Commercial humidifier

- Apr 08, 2019-

                                            Commercial humidifier

Commercial humidifiers are medium-volume humidification devices that are used between domestic and industrial applications.

Commercial humidifiers should have the following characteristics:


1. The spray amount of the commercial humidifier is medium. Can not be too small, commercial space is more than a hundred square meters, too small a humidification amount is meaningless.

2. Commercial humidifiers need to work reliably. Commercial environments require a lower failure rate for work.

3. Commercial humidifiers should be easy to maintain. Any commercial environment is long-term work, and equipment that cannot be maintained is not suitable for use.

4. Commercial humidifiers should be as energy efficient as possible. The long-term use of commercial environments has strong energy conservation needs.

5. The volume of the commercial humidifier. The commercial environment is generally compact, and the volume of the humidifying device tends to be miniaturized.

6. Water supply for commercial humidifiers. The commercial environment is intricate, and the water supply of the humidifier is diversified, and the water supply method should be flexible and convenient.


Commercial humidifier, suitable for mahjong rooms, chess and card rooms, KTV, beauty salons, hotels, homes, entertainment venues, offices, banks, hospitals, schools, government agencies and other large indoor venues.

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