Classification of night light

- May 20, 2019-

                                               Classification of night light

  1. According to the type of switch: divided into button type, plug-in type, remote control type, cable type, touch type, (infrared body) inductive type, voice control type, light control type and others

  2. According to the type of light source: divided into energy-saving lamps, LED lights, incandescent lamps, lamp beads, halogen tubes, fluorescent tubes

  3. According to the function: aroma night light, lighting night light, fun night light, craft decoration night light, holiday gift night light, pat entertainment night light, reading and other use night light

YYM 3d night light

4.According to the scope of use: corridor night light, bedroom night light, night light in the home, night light in the hotel lobby, night light in the hotel room, night light in the entertainment and entertainment venue, night light in the exhibition hall, night light in the corridor and other.

5. According to the (shade) material: divided into PVC material, PC material, ceramic material, silicone material, plastic material, acrylic material, stainless steel pattern hollow carving and other small night light

YYM night light baby

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