Characteristics of the humidifier

- Sep 13, 2016-

Five characteristics:

1. Box made of stainless steel, atomized movement.

2. Modular integrated, single-movement independent replacement chip.

3. No mechanical operation, bringing their own water level protection switch, reliable operation.

4. Atomization characteristics of high efficiency, overall diameter of atomized particles 1~10 μ, gasification efficiency of up to 100%.

5. Equipped with automatic water \ water protection and water overflow function, optional drain and water softener device, without calcifications dioxide pollution requirements.

The scope of

For small humidification capacity and better operating conditions required under gasification conditions, partial wetting.

Textile industry, paper industry, computer labs, electronics industry, mobile phone battery industry, paint industry, plastics industry, gunpowder, the printing industry, laboratories, tobacco industry, HVAC, and fresh-keeping storage, food industry, farming, animal husbandry, artificial landscapes, artificial fog ... ...

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