Ceramic aroma diffuser

- Dec 19, 2019-

Ceramic aroma diffuser

Busy life, stressful work, and environmental pollution, but we also need to comfort ourselves and our family during the rest time, improve the quality of life, prepare a good gift for the busy self, relax: smelling incense has become a very popular lifestyle Many people said that since buying the aromatherapy machine, the happiness of life has improved a lot.

Introducing everyone a good thing: ceramic aromatherapy machine.

1. The benefits of aromatherapy

The ceramic aromatherapy machine can decompose water molecules and plant essential oils into cold mists and distribute them in the air, which can fill the entire space with fragrance and maintain high humidity in the room. The effect of treatment has great benefits to the human body.

For example, aromatherapy can relieve stress, reduce fatigue, maintain health, refresh mind, soothe the mood, purify the air, repel mosquitoes, moisturize and reduce radiation. In addition, some fragrances can even improve the respiratory tract.

2 How to choose an aromatherapy machine

The popular capacities on the market are: 100ml, 200ml, and 300ml. Generally speaking, the larger the capacity, the better the humidifier effect.

In the case of little difference in power, the amount of fog is controlled by the button. Of course, you can't just pursue the amount of fog, you must choose according to the humidification function you need.

For example, if the use environment is relatively dry and the skin is dry, you can choose a style with a larger capacity as appropriate. However, if the sense of smell is more sensitive, it is not recommended to choose a large-capacity style.

Under normal circumstances, the maximum run time of 100ml is 3 hours, 200ml for 5 hours, and 300ml for 8 hours. The 100ml specification is suitable for use in the office, and the 300ml capacity is more suitable for use in the bedroom.

3. Use of aromatherapy machine

a. Try not to use tap water when using the aromatherapy machine, otherwise it is easy to block the atomizing holes and affect the fogging effect. If the mist vent is blocked, you can use a clean cotton swab dipped in water to gently wipe the mist vent before continuing to use it.

b. Do not move the aromatherapy machine after filling with aromatherapy liquid, and do not turn it upside down, otherwise the liquid leakage will affect the circuit operation.

c. When selecting essential oils, you must also control the quality, otherwise it may cause damage to the aromatherapy machine.

d. When the ambient temperature of the aromatherapy machine is below 0 degrees, the water tank is not suitable for use. In addition, the liquid of the aromatherapy machine should be poured out to avoid damage to the aromatherapy machine due to the freezing of water.

e. When cleaning the aromatherapy machine, be careful not to let water contact the base, and do not fill the air outlet with water. Just lift the lid and rinse with water. If equipped with a special cleaner, it can be cleaned with a cleaner. If you need to prepare your own detergent, a neutral detergent is recommended.

Ceramic aroma diffuser

4. Selection of essential oils

After choosing a satisfactory aromatherapy machine, you can't carelessly choose the essential oil. Each aromatherapy essential oil has its own specific effects. For example, some essential oils are suitable for soothing emotions, some essential oils are suitable for sleeping and relaxing, and some essential oils are suitable for refreshing.

Simply list the different effects of several essential oils for everyone:

1. Geranium essential oil: It can relax the mood and regulate the mood. It has a certain insect repellent effect in summer.

2. Ylang-Ylang essential oil: sweet floral aroma helps relax mood.

3. Red orange essential oil: can help make your mood happy and cheerful.

4. Grapefruit essential oil: Helps eliminate fatigue and invigorate.

5. Peppermint essential oil: It also helps to invigorate and refresh people.

6. Rosemary essential oil: It is also an essential oil that can boost the spirit and make people full of vitality.

7. Lemon essential oil: refreshing and cheerful. Also suitable for mixing with other essential oils.

8. Lavender essential oil: It can relieve tension and stabilize the mind. It is very suitable for bathing or bedtime.

9. Bergamot essential oil: can make people feel refreshed and cheerful.

10. Grapefruit oil: can help calm people's mood.

11. Citrus essential oil: Can ease tension and make your mood cheerful and stable.

12. Rose essential oil: It can calm the mood, reduce stress and sleep, and has a great positive effect on the mood.

13. Tea tree oil: It can refresh the mind, revitalize people, and soothe unstable emotions.

Each essential oil has a different taste, and each person accepts the fragrance differently. At the time of purchase, you can choose the type of essential oil according to your needs for essential oil functions, the environment in which the aroma is used, and your favorite taste.


Ceramic aromatherapy machine

YYMHEALTH is a well-known brand in aromatherapy machines. The ceramic aromatherapy machines produced by it have always been very popular. This design has a more stylish appearance, and the exterior is made of ceramic material. It is available in black and white. The ceramic aromatherapy machine is small in size and convenient to use anywhere.

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