Can the aromatherapy machine be used as a humidifier?

- Dec 24, 2019-

Can the aromatherapy machine be used as a humidifier?

(1) The aromatherapy machine can be used as a humidifier, but generally the power of the aromatherapy machine is relatively small, and the atomizing molecules are very thin, and it can only humidify in a small area such as a desk.

(2) The humidifier is best not to be used as an aromatherapy machine, because the components of aroma oils (whether essential oils, essences or so-called water-based aroma oils) are mixtures of esters, alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, etc.,  It is compatible with plastics and rubbers. The internal materials and atomizing tablets of professional aromatherapy machines will be tested for a longer time. In addition, the mist of the humidifier is generally thick, and the aroma oil particles emitted will be larger. It may corrode furniture with paint, etc. The water mist produced by a good aromatherapy machine is very thin and quickly disperses in the air. It does not even wet paper towels, it can effectively protect furniture and use it more securely.

Aromatherapy Humidification

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