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Affordable, relaxing, and healthy, oil diffusers are now catching people’s eyes due to their various benefits. Oil diffusers work through the simple process of oil diffusion, which uses ultrasonic to turn oil into a fine mist and then spread around your living space. Diffused oil not only has lots of benefits of safe scent-dispersion, mosquito and mold defense but also helps in air humidity and stress relief. For more about its 10 benefits in details, you can read this article as follows.

Safe and Interchangeable Scents

Unlike candles or air fresheners, oil diffusers release cleansing molecules into the air that work to purify it. Electronic diffusers also do not pose the fire risk that candles do. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about being hurt by the heated water accidentally, because the ultrasonic diffuser atomizes water directly without heating. Plus, they contain the added feature of interchangeability, which means you change oil types for different scents and health benefits. Only a few drops of essential oil can last for 20 hours diffusing by the large capacity diffuser. Therefore, they will be more suitable for all-day using without replacing water frequently.


Stress Relief

We all undoubtedly live and work under various stress. It might be physical, emotional, mental, or a million other things. Essential oil diffusing is one of the effective way to deal with stress. For example, several lab studies have confirmed that diffusing essential oils like lavender have been shown to reduce stress and help relieve anxiety in medical patients. Preliminary studies have also shown that oil diffusers can help alleviate symptoms of depression. My favorite recipes are 2 drops Cypress and 2 drops Bergamot essential oil. This blend in the diffuser allows me to focus cheerfully on my season in life and look forward to the future with anticipation and no worries.

Improved Sleep

Diffused oil has relaxing properties that can help people of all ages fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly. Electronic diffusers not only diffuse any kinds of blends with different health benefits(Try a lavender, Bulgarian rose, and Roman chamomile blend to help with insomnia),

they also enhance airflow quality better than your body can humidify on its own. Also, the diffuser can reduce or even eliminate the number of times you wake up from a dry, burning sensation in the nose. Furthermore, many also come with an auto shut-off feature to help conserve oils once you have fallen asleep.

One study done in the United Kingdom showed promising results in using the aroma of Lavender oil for deeper, more restful sleep.


Appetite Control

Achieving your ideal weight can be challenging, but there are many tools that can help you reach your goal. For example, diffusing essential oils is one of the items which can be used as a weight loss and maintenance aid. As a result of his research, Dr. Alan Hirsch says that we feel full because of a special mechanism in our brain. Oil diffusers can help stimulate the senses in a way that works to curb cravings. It is suggested you start with peppermint oil because it provides unique weight loss benefits. New research has shown that diffused peppermint oil can help curb appetite by inducing a satiety response within the body.

Bacteria and Mold Killing

When essential oils are diffused in the air, they break down free radicals that contribute to the growth of harmful bacteria. Eucalyptus, thyme, and tea tree oils are extremely recommended for this purpose. Diffused oil is also highly effective when it comes to combating fungal yeast threats, as the oil help makes the air inhospitable for yeasts such as mold. Pine and red thyme essential oils are best for combating mold. For the best effect, use a cold-air diffuser which does not heat the oils and destroy the anti-microbial properties.

Mosquito Repellent

Nobody likes mosquitoes — but when the trade-off means using repellants full of DEET, a toxic chemical that can be especially harmful to children, mosquito control can often seem like a lose-lose. However, scientists have shown that oil diffusers can be used as a safe and highly effective mosquito repellant. Studies have shown that a diffused oil mixture containing clove essential oil and lemongrass essential oil repelled one type of Zika-carrying mosquito, the Aedes aegypti mosquito, at a rate of 100%.

Pain Relief

While applying oils directly to areas of your body may be the most effective way to alleviate pain, diffusing essential oils can also relieve pain in a timely manner. When we inhale healthy essential oils, they enter our blood stream and can help internally relieve persistent pain from headaches, overworked muscles, and sore joints.

Improved Cognitive Function

Diffusing essential oils has also been shown to improve cognitive function. Many essential oils have adaptogenic qualities, which not only sooth us when we’re stressed, but also give our bodies a refreshment when we’re feeling down or sluggish. By working to level out an imbalanced mood, diffused oils also help us to focus. There are also several essential oils which have been shown to help balance the body’s hormones. With prolonged use, these oils can work to eliminate the underlying causes responsible for disordering cognitive function.

Money Saving

With night clear benefits of oil diffusers already outlined, there is one more that should now be obvious: using an oil diffuser will help you to save money. As an anti-bacteria, air-humidify, and stress-relief solution rolled into one safe product, an oil diffuser used with the proper oils will save you money on products you might otherwise be buying to help cure those pesky headaches or get your kids to fall asleep on time.

If you are still looking for a diffuser that meets your needs and fits your budget, I would like to recommend a gorgeous and quality diffuser that I am now using, which is the Wood-Grain Essential Oil diffuser. Not only it has 10 benefits that I mentioned, but also has an extremely nice looking texture of wood-grain design that match home décor perfectly. Also, the diffuser has a large capacity of 400 ml for over 10 hours diffusing. And all in all, it has a cheaper price than most of other products with same functions and capacity.

I hope you have been enlightened by reading this post. Trust me, your life quality will be highly improved after you have owned a quality essential oil diffuser.

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