Aromatherapy Electric Diffuser Essential Oil Nebulizer Electric Vaporizer Essential Oil Scent Diffuser

- Jul 06, 2017-

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Structure:Portable

  • Usage:Home

  • Application Area:41-60m2

  • Power Source:Electrical

  • Operating Principle:Active

  • Origin:Shenzhen

diffuser and humidifier with oils

Product Description

HOT SALE!  Aroma diffuser - also known as Cold Air Diffusers.
An appliance that distributes essential oil particles (molecules) into the air. New technology allows for a fine mist of particles, which allows the oils to go farther and be absorbed more easily.
Stylish - offered in a wide range of colors, styles
Best used in spaces such as spas, salons, massage parlor, nursing facilities, hotel, store, home, office
Little to No Wasted product
Easy to Operate
Easy to clean - with rubbing alcohol
Auto Shut-off timers, with two speed

best essential oil diffuser for large space                                                (Different color base is available here.)
LED- color changing 
Operation for three minutes and stop for one minute, automatically stopped after two hours.
Two speeds to control the mist diffusing.
NO WATER! NO HEAT!  -Absolutely SAFE!

UNIQUE AND COMPACT DESIGN. Coated with wood grain, the aroma diffuser looks very natural and primitive. The cap of the aroma diffuser can be easily taken off. Then add water and essential oil, then enjoy high-quality life.


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