Aromatherapy Marketing to Create a Hotel-Specific Business Card

- Oct 24, 2019-

Aromatherapy Marketing to Create a Hotel-Specific Business Card

Aromatherapy Marketing to Create a Hotel-Specific Business Card

       The hotel's exclusive fragrance has gradually become popular in all major hotels. As soon as you walk into the hotel lobby, a unique fragrance will come. Nowadays, the unique fragrance has become another business card for the brand hotel. As long as you enter the same brand of hotels around the world, you will smell the signboard.

        The concept of introducing a unique fragrance in the hotel stems from the Las Vegas hotel. More than 10 years ago, Las Vegas hotel tycoon Steve Wayne introduced a signature aroma in his mirage hotel, which was diverged into the hotel lobby through the hotel's air conditioning system. This unique experience was attracted at the time. Many tourists from afar came to feel the unique fragrance of the hotel, which became a popular means of hotel marketing promotion.

       Five years ago, large hotel groups such as Marriott, Starwood, and Shangri-La began to scent their hotel brands. The taste is transferred to the lobby, the corridor, and other places through central air conditioning. These star-rated hotels have found that a good smell can greatly enhance the comfort of the room.

      According to the study, the scent, like memory and emotion, are derived from the same part of the brain to deal with the feeling, so the aroma can directly affect the mood of the person, the comfortable scent can make people feel relaxed and happy, and the strong pungent aroma It makes people feel uncomfortable.

       There is a consensus in the operation of the hotel that the first 10 minutes of staying in a place, whether good or bad, will give the guests a clear impression. Therefore, in the first 10 minutes, before the core service content is too late to be offered to customers, how to create a good "brand impression" is a topic that the hotel industry has been studying. After traditional visual marketing and sound marketing have been developed, the sense of smell has become another sensory experience of the hotel's new “invasion”.

Aromatherapy Marketing to Create a Hotel-Specific Business Card

       Many hotels have started marketing about fragrances, and Starwood's Le Méridien brand hotels use long-lasting rosin, which is a constant fragrance that creates a unique fragrance that surrounds the guests. The scent of the Westin hotel lobby is always reminiscent of the clean white tea. The Langham Hotel's ginger flower aroma is also globally uniform. Bringing this fresh and elegant elegance, this is the brand spirit that Langham Hotel wants to convey. It is hoped that it will give people a low-key elegance and a feeling of tranquility, just like a paradise. Four Seasons' fragrance has a nice name, the Chinese translation is "windmill flavor", "windmill flavor" is a refreshing and refreshing outdoor atmosphere that feels like it is in spring. Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, which features oriental style, introduced a fragrance called “Fen-America” to its hotel lobby in 2006, in many hotels in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. start using.

       Fragrance marketing is a series of activities that stimulate consumers to purchase products or services by exploiting the potential effects of aroma on human emotions, memory, and even behavior. A particular hotel scent will give the hotel customer a sense of belonging, different from traditional visual and auditory stimuli. This marketing model that uses specific scent to attract consumers' attention and memory reflects the hotel's characteristics and is an innovation of the traditional marketing model. The fragrant smell can't be seen or touched, but while lingering in the air of the hotel, it can also enter the hearts of the guests through their nostrils and stay for a long time. It can be seen that it is important to choose a fragrance product that perfectly fits the hotel brand and culture. With this exclusive business card, the hotel can better retain customers.

      Perhaps, your guests will smell the fragrance, and coming to your hotels!

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