Aromatherapy machine

- Sep 13, 2016-

The unique charm of aromatherapy is the use of fragrance, make communication by Visual, auditory, extending the sense of smell, reach deeper. Perfume was used to optimize the environment, so that customers feel intimate and warm services to increase customers ' trust and satisfaction zheben. Suitable for home, hotel rooms, lobbies, corridors, rooms and other places.

Aromatherapy machine produced by ultrasonic vibration device of high frequency vibration, water molecules and dissolution of plant oils into 0.1-5 microns in diameter distributed Nano-mist in the surrounding air, scented the air. Winter heating Hou indoor air dry, people will appeared lips cracked, and pharyngeal dry sound SI, mouth hard work cough, skin dry, nasal bleeding, "heating dry" symptoms, incense smoked machine using variety way will water and pure plant fine oil atomization, makes bedroom keep high of humidity, and produced must number of natural negative oxygen ion, purification air, while reached Fong therapy of effect, can auxiliary treatment and ease flu, and hypertension, and bronchitis, disease, and on nervous system, and cardiovascular system and human of metabolism up to must protection role.

Aromatherapy is a fashion and culture, higher is the pursuit of a spiritual way of life crowd.

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