Aromatherapy in Office Space

- Nov 15, 2019-

Aromatherapy in Office Space

       Worried about the dull office atmosphere? Are you still frustrated by the inefficiency and misbehavior of your employees? Studies have shown that people who work in a good atmosphere can improve their work efficiency and are more willing to take effective Strategic work, and in a warm atmosphere, the office environment helps to reduce environmental problems, increase happiness, improve work efficiency and reduce stress. Experiments have shown that when employees work in the scent of lemon and lavender, the typing error rate is greatly reduced. At the same time as the mint flavor, the typing speed and accuracy are greatly improved.


       The sweet atmosphere creates a positive environment that reduces stress, reduces fatigue and improves working conditions and performance.

The effect of the fragrance: 

1.Reduce employee stress

2.Improve your spirit and increase your productivity

3.Low work error rate

4.Inspire employee creativity

5.Create a comfortable and pleasant working environment

      Our pure plant essential oils combined with patented cold air propagation technology keep the essential oil ingredients intact. These premium essential oils are antibacterial and can be used in most commercial office environments.

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