Aroma Psychology(I)

- Dec 19, 2019-

Aroma Psychology (I)

      When participating in a project, I met a very good woman. Work efficiently and accurately. Thinking is very agile, one brainstorming down, good ideas one after another.

      I say this, everyone may think that she is a serious workaholic, but in fact, she is a very cheerful and cheerful person, working with her is really happy.

      Her condition is always good, as if nothing can bring her down. I was full of admiration and interest for her. When I asked her for any tips or experiences, she replied that when the work was not going well, she would order a glass of juice to drink, or apply some citrus perfume. Or you can adjust the scent of citrus to soothe tight nerves and emotions, so that you can calm down and focus on the problem as soon as possible.

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     "My past German boss was a man, probably because of the habit of European and American gentlemen. He always has a faint fragrance. He has a special preference for aromas, and he always puts them on the table during meetings. A bottle of Rosa's "Mr. Rosa". When he can't think of a good idea or can't make a correct judgment on the spot, he will apply perfume around his neck, wrist, etc., as if it is a bottle of elixir. Whenever this When the fresh fragrance overflows freely, the boss's mood will be refreshed, and even the colleagues in the room will be infected, and Moseton opens, and the problems in the meeting seem to be suddenly resolved.

     Perhaps it was his influence. Since then, whenever I think about something or get stuck in a meeting, I smell a little fragrance ... "

     Maybe it's because of occupational diseases. When I am at a friend gathering, I will talk about fragrance more or less. The above two experiences were shared by friends at the dinner. After listening to it, we talked about whether this "magic fragrance effect" is a psychological suggestive reaction in aroma psychology, or is it an aroma effect in aroma therapy?

    The author's point of view is that if no matter which type or fragrance family fragrance has the above positive psychological impact, it should be classified as the role of psychological suggestion, which is a typical case of aroma psychology. If you are only limited to responding to a certain fragrance type, such as refreshing sensation when you smell the mint fragrance type, there is a concentration of utility response; and when you smell the fragrance type such as lavender, you have a soothing mood. The feeling of it should belong to the aroma effect, which is classified as aromatherapy.

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     The friend ’s point of view is relatively simple. His original words "Are they aroma effects or aroma psychological hints? I ca n’t say why, but for me, as long as the fragrance can make me feel refreshed and positive, Emotional or spiritual effects, as long as it can alleviate my insomnia, then this can be called my 'medicine of the soul', and it is not overkill to buy it, haha. "

     It seems that my friends are right, the feelings of the same fragrance and aroma are different from person to person, so I also recommend that you try a few different fragrances and find your own "spirit and fragrance" medicine".

     There are 3 lessons in aroma psychology class. The last lesson today is "Differences between aroma psychology and aroma therapy." After reading the three lessons, I hope that every reader will have a new understanding of fragrance oils, fragrances, aromas and psychology.

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