Aroma diffuer and Humidifier

- Sep 24, 2020-

                                      Aroma diffuer and Humidifier

  1. Different main functions

    The two names, you can see the most obvious difference: the humidifier is mainly for humidification, and the aroma diffuser is for making your room fragrant~

Therefore, the humidification performance of the humidifier is not comparable to the aromatherapy machine.

Aroma diffuser

2. Different working principles

In addition, the working principles of humidifiers and aromatherapy machines are also quite different.

Since the main purpose is to humidify, humidifiers often use large-diameter atomizers with a diameter of 20-25mm. The amount of fog is relatively thick and the fog particles are also large.

As a result, the humidity in the air can be increased, but large particles have another drawback-they are easy to fall and cause water stains on the desktop.

The aromatherapy machine adopts the principle of ultrasonic vibration, the water mist produced by the vibration is light and dense, and the diffusion is stronger.

Ceramic aroma diffuser

3. Different water tank materials

Because the positioning of the humidifier and the aroma diffuser is inherently different, the material of the water tank is also different in quality.

Because the humidifier only needs to add clean water, the water tank is mostly made of ABS material. It is worth mentioning that it is not corrosion-resistant, so it is best not to drip essential oil (acid) into the humidifier~

On the contrary, most of the water tank of the aromatherapy machine is made of PP material, which has stronger corrosion resistance. In addition, the water tank is smaller, which makes it easier to clean.

Ceramic aroma diffuser

4. Who are you more suitable for?

All in all, humidifiers are more suitable for indoor environments with low humidity, such as air-conditioned rooms, northern indoors, and so on.

The aroma diffuser is more of a sentiment, different essential oils can exude different flavors, adding a touch of warmth to your life.

In addition, the aroma diffuser often comes with an ambient light, so it can also be used as a warm sun-like bedside lamp.

Finally, do you know which type of product you are suitable for?

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