Anti-Static, Use Humidifier

- Nov 07, 2019-

Anti-Static, Use Humidifier

       Static electricity is a familiar phenomenon in life. When you take off your sweater in the winter, the static electricity will make a loud noise. The friends in the north don't dare to touch the metal door handle in winter, because it is too easy to be electrostatically charged, but the taste is very uncomfortable. Static electricity is composed of uncharged electric charges that accumulate, and the flowing electric charge becomes electric current, and our electrical appliances can be used.


      There are two reasons for static electricity: One is friction. For example, when combing hair in winter, the comb will have static electricity; after rubbing the hair with a ballpoint pen in winter, the small piece of paper can be sucked up by the action of static electricity.

      Another reason is that the air is dry. This is the main reason why the life in northern China is seriously affected by static electricity in winter. After all, the air in northern China is dry in winter. In some places, the air humidity is less than 15%, so static electricity is constantly appearing.

      The effect of static electricity on daily life is not significant, and occasionally it can be tolerated by static electricity. But for industrial production, static electricity is a terrible risk factor. Static electricity not only destroys production equipment, but also affects product quality. What's even more terrifying is that electrostatic discharge can cause fires. Therefore, enterprises must do a good job in anti-static work.


       In order to prevent static electricity from damaging production, many companies use a lot of precautions, such as wearing anti-static clothes or professional anti-static floors. But these are not very good anti-static, they play the role of introducing static electricity into the ground, which will still affect industrial production.

      Air drying is the main cause of static electricity. To completely solve static electricity, air drying must be solved. Humidifier is an ideal solution to air drying.

     YYM ultrasonic humidifier  adopts ultrasonic atomization technology, which can quickly and uniformly increase the air humidity, form a relatively balanced humidity field water mist particles, eliminate dryness, thus suppressing static electricity, and industrial production will not be affected by static electricity. There is a need to remove static electricity friends, may wish to try.

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