3 Simple Ways to Use Aromatherapy Essential Oils

- Nov 22, 2019-

3 Simple Ways to Use Aromatherapy Essential Oils

        When we are physically and mentally exhausted, we will choose an aromatherapy essential oil to appease our hearts and let ourselves fall asleep more quickly. But is the use of aromatherapy essential oils really correct? These three simplest and most commonly used, Quickly collect it!

Aromatherapy steam

       Mix the aromatherapy essential oil into the water in a ratio of 2 drops of essential oil per 600 ml of water, and pour the aroma to the heat source of the steam room. The slowly scented vapor will be emitted. The aromatherapy steam is the best maintenance for the body and skin. The agent and detoxifying agent have a good effect on disinfection and sterilization, and can relieve stress and fatigue, so that you can fall asleep earlier. This method is one of the ways to use aromatherapy.


Candle aromatherapy stove

       The method of using the essential oil is a candle aromatherapy furnace. Pour one-third into the aromatherapy stove, add 1-3 essential oil, and ignite a candle into the stove. However, do not put some flammable items next to the aromatherapy stove when you use it at home, otherwise it may cause a fire. Note: When the aromatherapy furnace is in a high temperature state, it is not possible to add water immediately, otherwise it will cause the container to burst.

Aromatherapy bathing

       In the case of a bath in the home, you can choose the bathing method. This method can make the aromatherapy better. Put the essential oil into a hot water bath at 40-42 ° C, so that you can cover yourself in the steam, so that every inch of skin can get the care of hot water and essential oils. The time is best in about 15 minutes. If the time is long, it is easy to cause breathing difficulties.

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