Office Humidifiers 120ml Cool Mist Led ceramic Ultrasonic diffuser

Office Humidifiers 120ml Cool Mist Led ceramic Ultrasonic diffuser

240ml Water Bottle Plastic white Easy to Clean Cool Mist Led Ultrasonic Office Humidifiers for Dry Air: Features: 1. USB Air Humidifier 2. Four kinds of spray mode choice 3. Built-in blue LED Nightlight 4. Large tank capacity, without adding water repeatedly

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Diffuser Essential Oils Aromatherapy | Ultrasonic | Timer | Ceramic Shell | Sleep Better | 150 ml | Essential Oils 

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Item No.:XD901



  • Ultra Premium Professional Ceramic Diffuser

  • Stunning Contemporary Design

  • High End Hand Crafted Ceramic Shell

  • Luxury Packaging

  • Warm Glow LED


Dimensions :D91mm*H204mm
Power:AC100-240V/DC24V 650MA 
Max Hours:6 hours
Mist amount:20-30ml/hr
Material :Ceramic+PP
Protection:Anti-dry protection
Packing QTY:12PCS

Package Type: The original packaging or customized packaging  



After using 5-6times,or2-3days,please clean the product as follows:

●Unplug the device from mains supply and remove cover

●Pour out any remaining supply and remove cover

●Unplug the power cable from the device

●Put 1 tablespoon of citric acid in the water tank,add warm water (up to 70 degree)

●Leave for 5 minutes ,and then drain solution from the tank

●Wip with soft cloth

Never use other acids, enzymes or detergents, as this may risk poisonous gas to be created or cause malfunction.


1.The amount and intensity of mist produced will vary,but this is not unusual and should not be considered as a fault.

2.Factors that affect this include water type, humidity, temperature, air currents.

3.If there is no water in the water tank,please do not press the switch button

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Q1: Is it both warm and cool mist or just cool mist?

A1: Hello, it is cool mist.

Q2: Will be wet the floor from humidifier?

A2: No, it won't. The humidifier just release the fresh air, not make the floor wet.

Q3: Does it can add aromatherapy liquid drops to water?

A3: Yes, it can be diffuser use.

Q4: Does this need filters?

A5: No, it doesn't.

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